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Global Positioning System (GPS) Services
Omatics Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is a worldwide radionavigation system formed from a constellation of 24 Satellites. Using GPS, you can cost effectively collect data at higher rates. The use of GPS has grown significantly reach almost every form of government and private use.

Omatics can provide many kinds of mapping facilities like Point of Interest (POI) mapping, Public safety mapping, Infrastructure mapping and more.

Ground control points
This is the process in which we carry out field work at the clients request to provide information needed for points of interest, Geocoding and images.

Ground Truth
This is the process in which we carry out the field work in which the image interpretation part has already completed and that has to be cross checked in the filed. Ground truth increases the accuracy of the image interpretation and gives the actual ground details. At times ground details can be difficult to interpret using only images. The noise within the image can be reduced by ground truth.

We provide GPS survey to our clients at every stage of project, as GPS provides us an accurate pinpoint location for the points of interest. We give you the reliability of data collected in field.

Our field crews are equipped with the latest in GPS technology. We convert the data of each point that clients can use in GIS and rational databases.
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