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GPS Fuel-O-Matics System
The Premier Fuel Monitoring Solution for the Ground Travel Industry:

Fuel-O-Matics Dashboard
See at a glance Real Time Fuel levels, Speed, Current Trip Distance, Average and Distance to Empty.

You have the tools necessary to cut operating costs!!!
Omatics Industries Served
Omatics Fuel-O-Matics dashboard uses high accuracy Sonic Sensors to monitor fuel information in real-time in wide range of industries such as;
  • Logistics, Limousine & Taxi Services
  • Heavy Construction Equipments
  • School & Luxury Buses
  • HVAC, Plumbing & Landscaping Vans
  • Emergency Services, Municipal & Waste Management
  • Security and Insurance Services
Vehicle Information

View Vehicle Details and Fuel Properties Live Online.
Fuel Report

Detailed Analysis of Fuel vs Time/Distance, Fuel vs Filling/Theft and Fuel Consumption Report provides Valuable Insight for any Business Owner
The Omatics GPS Tracking System uses Google Maps along with our own Map data, which are among the most accurate and complete maps available today. Omatics built-in replay capabilities allow you to monitor vehicle route including fuel-filling information at a glance.

Real Time Location Reporting
The map provides the current location and status for each vehicle. Omatics solution is configurable to fit both practical and budgetary needs. Omatics
GPS fleet management system typically updates every 2 minutes, and as often as every 10 seconds!
Security: Now remotely immobilize vehicle and shut off fuel pump
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