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What can Omatics offer you?
Working at Omatics is an exciting experience and can be the boost your career has been waiting for. Work in a Hi-Tech global company and be on the cutting edge of your field.

Pay, Benefits, Employee Development these things are as important to us as they are to you. Our More Info & Employment Policy section describes in detail our employment policy.

Who is Omatics?
We are one of the leading providers of Location Based Technology & Mobile-2-Mobile (M2M)
solutions for in-vehicle safety and communication services using wireless technology an Global Position Systems (GPS) and have become a world leader in many of our fields.

Jobs Available
Details of each Omatics Location may be found in our Job Centre. Here are the Job Listings and information about the chosen location.

Opportunities for Students
We have programs for Apprentices to work part-time at Omatics and learn how things are done. See our Student Opportunities section for more details.

Jobs by Region
  • USA
  • United Kingdom

News and Events
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